On my walk today…..

Sometimes I walk and think; other times I just walk


I can tell the season is changing because it was still dark this morning and I decided to wait a few minutes to go on my walk.  It’s a beautiful, overcast, cool morning.

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Ice cream

I went to Baskin Robbins on my walk tonight.  Obviously I consumed more calories than I burned but – it wasn’t about the calories – it was about getting my butt up off the sofa.  It was good and good for me!

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Hatin’ in the name of the Lord

Ever notice that when someone says:

“With all due respect….” what follows will be disrespectful.

“No offense…” is followed by something quite offensive.

And, when someone passionately declares “I am a Christian!” it will be followed by something that is hateful and narrow-minded.

I remember when I was a kid I thought that, if you crossed your fingers when you were telling a lie,  it wasn’t a lie.  I wonder if the “religious” think that if they precede their hateful behavior with “I’m a Christian”, Jesus doesn’t mind.

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Hey lady, I’m walking here!


This is the shirt I was wearing on my walk this morning.  Hurts the eyes, right?  And yet, I was almost run over by someone who turned right within inches of me.  Next time, I’m going to grab my foot, hop around and howl that my foot was run over.

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Citizens United

All of the big money that is drowning the political process is going to prove an old adage:  Either, you can fool all of the people some of the time OR a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

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Dribble cup

I put the wrong lid on my coffee cup this morning and didn’t realize that when I took a sip it was dripping on my pastel pink shirt.  When I looked down to adjust the volume on my iPod, I realized the right side of my body was covered in coffee.

When I passed people, I took a sip of coffee so that my arm was covering my early morning wet t-shirt look.

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