On my walk today…..

Sometimes I walk and think; other times I just walk


Some of the roads near my house are so bad that it’s reminiscent of driving on an old country road with the gravel pinging the car, no matter how slow you go.

Imagine my surprise when I was driving one morning and realized that they had restriped the asphalt!  They may have just painted a bunch of rocks because there wasn’t much surface for the stripes.

A few weeks later, they demolished and rebuilt all of the street corners with the yellow bumpy pads for all of the (zero) blind walkers in the neighborhood.  They are in greater danger of falling into a pothole than they are of stepping out into traffic.   I imagine the moms with sleeping babies in strollers are not happy about pushing the stroller over the yellow bumpy pads.

When I was walking across the yellow bumpy pads, I realized that if someone followed the directionality of the pads, they would end up walking kitty corner into the intersection.  In order to cross the street correctly, you have to pivot 90 degrees from the direction of the pad.

I don’t understand painting stripes on rocks and I don’t understand putting in pads that direct walkers into a diagonal, and unsafe, path.

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Pennies from heaven

I found a penny today.

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Dog run?

A car passed by this morning, turned around and parked.  A man got out of the car and opened the door for his dog to jump out.  I thought it was odd that someone would drive to our neighborhood to go for a walk since the area around me is similar to all the other areas in the neighborhood.

Then I realized that he and his dog were heading onto the golf course.

My first thought was, “gross.  I’m sure the golfers aren’t going to appreciate having the 16th hole used as a dog run.”

About 45 minutes later, the car was gone.  That told me that HE was not out for a walk at all – he was just looking to let his dog run free so that he didn’t have to walk it.  Gross.  And lazy.  And I’m certain he did not clean-up after his dog.

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Short memory

I guess that I either have too much on my mind (so there’s no room for new thoughts) OR not enough on my mind (so there’s nothing to stick to).

My walks are usually 30 to 50 minutes.  About half-way through, I’ll have a thought and decide that I will share it “on my walk today” blog.

By the time I get home, I’ve forgotten it!  I wonder why that happens – it’s not like the thought is competing with a bunch of other thoughts.

At least I remembered to write about forgetting.

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