On my walk today…..

Sometimes I walk and think; other times I just walk

Rain, lawns and cars

I was able to work this morning – in between the rain showers.  I saw two different people wiping down their car/truck with a shammy.  My first thought was to point out that the rain was going to continue.  My second thought was to wonder why they don’t take care of their lawns as well as they take care of their cars.  Their lawns were a combination of dead and overgrown – just ugly.  So, why not spend those car-care minutes on some lawn care instead?  Please.

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Evening Jasmine

As I turned the corner to come home, I could suddenly smell the evening jasmine.  It was too dark to see where it was coming from but it filled the street as I finished my walk.  It’s enough to make me want to walk in the dark every night.

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I woke up this morning and was thinking about what I would do at work today and then I realized “It’s Saturday.”  I love that feeling.  

I jumped out of bed so that I could start it right away! 

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Hustle and Bustle

On the streets and subways of London, I’ve seen a lot of people pushing/hurrying past other pedestrians and I wondered, “What’s the rush?  If you miss this train, another will be along in a few minutes.”

Then I realized that they’re not pushing past because they’re in a hurry – they’re just annoyed that other people are not moving at their designated pace.  So, they’re not driven by their own self-importance or poor time management, they simply want to get away from all the other people.

Perhaps they should consider not living in a big city that attracts a lot of visitors.

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Quiet lights

It was dark when I started my walk this morning.

As I walked towards the hills behind my house, all was dark and quiet except one house with a light on.

It reminded me of a holiday picture.  I was delighted to witness it here in my urban setting since it’s normally a picture from the countryside – covered in snow with just the movement of the smoke from the chimney.

Lovely way to start the day.

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100 = 1,000

I read that walking backwards for 100 steps is equivalent to walking 1,000.  Now, I don’t know how or why or if it’s true – but I’m doing it anyway.  It definitely uses a completely different set of muscles and requires much more thought in each step – but I don’t know if that translates to burning calories.  Nothing wrong with being self-delusional.

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The Neighbor’s sprinklers

The house on the corner has a sprinkler on the side of their house that is facing the wrong direction.

My natural instinct is to reach down and give it a little twist so that it can water the grass and not the sidewalk.

But then I remember all the times I’ve given my own sprinklers “a little twist” and the nozzle goes flying across the lawn and I run into the garage to turn off the system.

So, I just keep walking since I don’t want to have to bang on their door at 6 in the morning because I was trying to be helpful.  And, I don’t want to take my walk in a wet t-shirt.

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Children (even the young-adult kind) and dishes

Here’s my advice:

Either rinse your breakfast plate so that the egg yolk does not harden on it OR make sure your mother doesn’t do the dishes.

Same thing with milk – do not let that little residue of milk harden in the bottom of the glass.  A tiny swoosh with some water before you let it sit in the sink overnight is all you need to do to avoid annoying your mother.

And…….. ladies:  if you notice some lipstick on a cup or a glass, wipe if off because the dishwasher will not blast it away.  It’s infallible, remember?  That’s why you bought it.  Under no circumstance should a glass or cup be taken out of the dishwasher and put into the cupboard if there are visible lip marks.  Yes, it’s been “cleaned”  but it’s gross and your mother doesn’t want to see it.

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73 percenter

I’m in the 99%.

But, I’m not in the 47% of the “ne’er do wells” so I must be in the 52% of the 99%.

I’m chosing hope over hate, so I will be voting with the “ne’er do wells” and I believe at least 50% of my fellow  52 percenters will do the same.

That means that 26% of the “real Americans” will join forces with the 47% of the “ne’er do wells” which means that 73% of Americans will stand together.

I’m in good company.

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I have both

You can’t have hope without faith.  Faith in yourself, your God or higher spirit, your family, friends, community,country, employer – whatever.

There are people with faith but no hope; there are no people with hope but no faith.

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